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I’m human too, so with age my thoughts change too, and there is a part of me that grows into an adult. What doesn’t change, what cannot change, is that we will play the music we want to play.
This is the truth.
Ruki [The GazettE] (via yokuparadise)
Tumblr Update

http://eternalsuperjunior15elfs.tumblr.com <—- My tumblr dedicated to Super Junior and their loyal ELFs. <3

I just started this today so I don’t have hardly anything posted except a video. <3


Block her. Just do it. She wishes SJ were dead and shit.

To My Followers

Thank you so much for following me. <3 you all very much!

Tumblr help? I think not

Tumblr seriously? Did you even go to the page and look at it yourself? Freedom of expression and speech my fucking ass.

What do you guys think?

Mathieu, Nov-09 12:58 (EST):

Hello Autumn,
We realize this content may be very upsetting, but we also highly value freedom of expression and freedom of speech.

Sometimes content posted by a blogger may be mean-spirited or upsetting but does not violate the law. In order to maintain freedom of expression, we cannot remove that material.

You can and should stop viewing content from an offending blogger. If you use Tumblr, you can also Block a blogger at http://tumblr.com/block. This prevents you from seeing content from that blogger on your Dashboard and prevents that blogger from sending you messages via Tumblr.

Thank you for taking the time to share your concern with us.

Best Regards,


Tumblr Support (English & French)
support@tumblr.com france@tumblr.com

Autumn Tale, Nov-09 11:21 (EST):

http://weonlylovesnsd.tumblr.com/ this account has hateful comments on it
and I would really appreciate it if you could have it removed. Thank you.

http://autumn_tales87.tumblr.com/ this is MY account.
autumntale122087@gmail.com this is the e-mail address I used when I signed
up to Tumblr.

SONE/Cassie and ELF/Blackjack issue

Okay, seriously, what the fuck is going on? and who the fuck are SONE and Blackjack?

I am really getting pissed off reading these stupid war arguments. 

Snow and Halloween

Its snowing here. This could be the first time in snowed here around Halloween time. I. HATE. Snow. Period.


Lost power today for 6 hours because of the storm. It had caused a tree to fall down on some power lines 15 minutes away from where I live. 

Dead Island

You know, the zombie game? Yeah my brother got it for his birthday this past monday 10/17. I actually played it earlier (for the first time) and let me tell you something, its fucking awesome but hard as hell though. I’m going to play it tomorrow when he is at school. hehehe >.>



RIP Steve Jobs :)


R.I.P Steve Jobs &lt;3



RIP Steve Jobs :)


R.I.P Steve Jobs <3


I was thinking, if twin sisters dated twin brothers, is that considered incest?

I Hate Cold Weather!

Because I get sick so easily! 

"My heart knows only one feeling, despair" -Me